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How to fix Wi-Fi interference

Did you know that wireless signal interference is one of the major reasons why your Wi-Fi network is misbehaving? Fortunately, there are three different methods that you can use to minimize interference: increase Wi-Fi signal strength, shut down the unneeded wireless signal sources, and reduce the impact of those that can't be shut down. Let's discuss each one of these methods in detail.

1. Increase Wi-Fi signal strength.

A recent study has demonstrated that you can boost wireless signal by placing a thin aluminum foil behind the router antennas. This way, the radio waves can be easily redirected towards the rooms that can benefit from a stronger Wi-Fi signal. You can also replace the router antennas with better models, which have a higher gain. You may need a pair of dedicated cables to do this.

If you only have interference-related problems with an old laptop, you can disable its wireless module using Windows' device manager, and then replace it with a USB-based Wi-Fi adapter. To get a maximum signal boost, be sure to pick an adapter...

How to generate a QR code

Quick Response (QR) codes are special barcodes that can be used to encode various types of information: addresses, URLs, phone numbers, etc. They were invented by Denso Wave Incorporated, a Japanese company, and they can be used without paying any license fees.

Often, people use their smartphones to scan these codes, with the goal of getting more information about a particular product, service or business. They are similar with standard barcodes, but they can hold much more data and provide a greater flexibility. To read a QR code, you can download a free application for your smartphone from one of the popular app stores, such as iTunes or Google Play.

Companies use QR codes to give away coupons, announce events, help people remember the URLs of their websites, and more. Sometimes you'll even see TV ads that include QR codes which can be scanned by pointing the phone's camera towards the screen.

QR codes can have sizes that range from 21 x 21 pixels to 177 x 177 pixels...

How to hire a developer

Let's be honest about it: coding can be quite hard. And if you haven't learned programming while you were a teenager, your chances of becoming the next Bill Gates are quite slim, especially if you are well into your 50s or 60s. It is true that you can learn "some" coding regardless of your age, but we are talking business applications here, programs that are going to be quite complex, and thus hard to debug and maintain.

But one day, your boss asks you to come up with a few ideas that would increase productivity. You've got several great ideas, but how can you put them into practice? Well, by hiring a developer, of course! Still, this isn't an easy task. How can you be sure that you have contacted the right freelancer, who is able to take the project from a vague concept to its final stage?

In fact, the success of your application depends on this "vague concept". Because even if you hire the best programmer in the world, he won't be able to work with vague concepts...



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